Weeding through the regulations and challenges for you

Since 1965, we have been serving the community, and non-profits have been our driving force. Though our servant’s heart has not changed since that time, the industry has. Many non-profit organizations are more complex and sophisticated than they were fifty years ago. Increasing regulations, the difficulties of obtaining sufficient funding and generous donations are challenges that make it difficult for organizations to serve their ever-growing community effectively.

At Saville, we are a recognized and well-respected financial and management advisory firm that appreciates the dedicated work of non-profits and their governing bodies. Our experienced professionals will work closely with your organization providing a full-range of services.

A types of Not-for-profits served are:

  • Private schools
  • Community foundations
  • Educational/conference ministries
  • Performing arts organizations
  • 509(a)(3) supporting foundations
  • United Way affiliates
  • Churches
  • Hospital foundations
  • Mission sending ministries
  • Presenting arts organizations
  • NP organizations with earned income activities
  • Media ministries
  • NP organizations with a for-profit subsidiary
  • Employee benefit plans

At Saville, our core values include serving the community with an open heart. We believe those core values belong in the work place. We want to serve our clients just like we would in our community, home and church.

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