Secure your family’s future with estate, trust and gift planning

Estate, gift, and tax planning is more than just planning for the transfer of wealth upon death. Planning includes control over family assets, succession of the family business, retirement planning, wealth management, and charitable giving. Fully integrated estate planning considers your goals and plans for the disposition of your assets not only by your estate but also during your lifetime. It can be an important activity at any stage of life especially as you are adding members to your family. In addition, two of the most common special circumstances that trigger an estate plan is blended families and fear of disability. Planning is not just limited to taxable estates; it is a valuable tool for anyone in a position to gift or bequeath assets. Some of the benefits of an estate plan are:

  • Reduction of estate taxes
  • Giving to charitable causes which are important to you
  • Giving to specific individuals
  • Receiving an income tax deduction for charitable giving
  • Reducing or eliminating capital gains taxes on appreciated assets

It is about creating a customized plan to address your needs and desires, such as maintaining privacy, providing for multiple generations, or accomplishing charitable goals.

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